Top 10 driver's best friends

On the road, the 10 following items could turn out to be your best friends in the event of a small or big misfortune.

Windshield washer fluid gallon

What a great way to spend $5! On slushy days, washer fluid can save your life when the inevitable semi-trailer in front of you turns your windshield into a big wet and murky mess.

Warm blanket

How nice is it to have a blanket to keep your legs warm on cold winter mornings when your engine seemingly takes forever to heat up? Very. And when the forecast calls for icy rain, just throw it over the windshield, squeeze both sides into the door frames, and you won't have to spend a single second de-icing your windshield!

Cell phone with charger

You can carry a dollar in change for the phone booth, but they're becoming increasingly scarce, even nonexistent in some places. So for those times you need to call a friend or tow truck, you best bet is a charged cell phone.

Cell phone with charger

CAA membership

For a small annual fee, you can get roadside assistance from coast to coast. After all, no one keeps a list of all the repair shops in their contact info. Plus, Daddy isn't always around to come to your rescue... especially at 3 o'clock in the morning.

Water bottle

A leaking radiator is more than a good reason to keep a water bottle in your car. Forgetting to carry your #1 friend is another.

Emergency flares and/or orange triangles

If you have to stop on the side of the road, the last thing you want is to be hit by a car. Emergency flares are an excellent way to warn other drivers and keep them at a safe distance. Put the flares down on the ground about five metres behind your car.

Clean towel

The first thing you're going to see after checking the engine oil level are your dirty hands. A clean towel also comes in handy when you need to wipe the dashboard, absorb some excess water from the floor mats, clean your windshield wipers, etc.

Booster cables

Do you often forget to turn your headlights off? Would you like to help a damsel in distress whose car won't start? Empty batteries can be quite frustrating, so booster cables are a must.

Booster cable


Searching for your keys,road maps or cell phone in broad daylight poses no problem. But what about at night? LED flashlights are powerful, energy-efficient and long-lasting. Don't wait to need one to get one.

Last but not least: Kitty litter

That's right! Surprised? If you need to get out of an icy parking spot, throw some cat litter to soak up the thin layer of water between the ice and your tire. It will also provide traction like regular sand would. Does it really work? Heck yes! Keep in mind, however, that your car's factory floor mats can help you out as well.

We'd like to know about your own ''best friends'' on the road. Also, feel free to share useful tips from your personal adventures!