Rubbermaid Car Organizer Review

Because it drives better when it’s organized

A few weeks ago, I let you know about the top 10 waterless products you can use to keep your car looking good as new on the outside. Of course, outside appearances are super important (for yourself and your car), but it's just as important to keep a tidy soul (or interior, as the case may be).

For those who live in large urban areas and sit in traffic for hours on end or for those who road trip often or have two or more children, the car often becomes the second home. From games to Kleenex to Jimmy's soccer cleats (may I suggest the Febreze air freshener be added to that bag?), some things end up taking up permanent residency in the back of your daily driver.

Instead of letting the junk piles overrun an already small space, consider these car organizers from Rubbermaid.

Rubbermaid Seat Tray Storage Unit

Just like an airplane tray table, this storage unit clips onto the back of the front seats so the rear passengers have a nifty little fold-out table to rest sandwiches or the like on. Of course, this isn't made to hold super-heavy venti iced caps (I'd stick to PB&J sandwiches in this case), but it's a cool feature the kids are sure to appreciate on long journeys (and may actually save some accidents on the seat fabric). Along with a fold-down tray, it also features two cup holders and two storage compartments.

Price: $29.99

Rubbermaid Auto Trash Bin

As much as car owners hate to admit it: trash does accumulate in our cars. It's hard not to let it happen; you order an iced beverage from your local coffee shop drive thru, they give you a straw in a paper cover. The paper cover comes off... and lands somewhere in the passenger footwell. Same goes for discarded coffee cups, gum wrappers, junk mail, snacks, snotty Kleenexes. We all know that throwing trash out the window is not an option, so instead install the Rubbermaid Auto Trash Bin in your back seat or trunk et voila, you've got it sorted (it even features a hard closing top that's watertight to protect your carpets and seats should it fall over). Just remember to empty it every now and then.

Price: $19.99

Rubbermaid Auto Triple Bin Organizer

For someone who keeps a great deal of anything in their trunk, this is the ultimate organizational tool. This collapsible unit features three separate sections to hold everything from soccer balls to first aid kits, car cleaning products or even reusable grocery bags. Velcro strips on the bottom ensure this organizer bin stays put in your trunk, which means you'll no longer have to deal with stuff flopping around while you drive. It also features smaller mesh pockets for smaller items. Two large handles on either side mean this unit can also be removed and easily carried to other locations, making it ideal for local sports team equipment or even packing up for an afternoon picnic on the weekend.

Price: $34.99

Rubbermaid Auto Plastic Seat Organizer

If you're often solo in your vehicle and find there just isn't enough at-hand storage up front, then the Rubbermaid Auto Plastic Seat Organizer is ideal for you. With 10 separate compartments (one featuring a flip-top to conceal valuables), a non-slip bottom and a strap for secure placement on your passenger seat, this organizational number could be used for a number of things. From holding your iPad mini to pens, sunglasses or even Hot Wheels for Junior when he gets unruly in the back, this seat organizer will keep things off your floor and out of sight. The handle also makes it easy to transfer this storage tray from seat to seat should you pick up a passenger every now and then.

Price: $25.99

Keep a tidy soul, and a tidy interior

Keeping the inside of your car clean is as important as taking care of the outside. Carpet stains and fabric stains are no good down the line and can eat into the value of your vehicle as well as the material itself. So, if you know you're prone to causing a mess when you're behind the wheel (or your passengers are), then it's well worth it to invest in the above organizational units from Rubbermaid.

Special thanks to Canadian Tire for demonstrating how useful these Rubbermaid products can be in your vehicle.

Rubbermaid Car Organizer

Photo: Colin Styker