Quebec coroner wants to make drowsy driving illegal

In his recommendations following a February 2011 collision that killed five people, coroner Quoc-Bao Do is pressing the Quebec government to make drowsy driving a similar offence as drunk driving.

He also hopes the SAAQ will intensify awareness campaigns including road signs to remind people of the potentially tragic and deadly consequences of driving under fatigue.

In related news, a team of British researchers, together with the electronic specialists at Plessey, has developed a unique seat fabric that incorporates capacitive sensors and is able to monitor cardiac activity, which could alert drivers when they start to show signs of drowsiness.

Ultimately, this technological breakthrough could lead to the system having the power to slow the vehicle down if the driver fails to respond to the alert.

There's no doubt many accidents could be avoided as a result, but the best and safest thing to do will always be to pull over at the slightest sign of fatigue.