Nissan recalls all 2013 Altima sedans worldwide

Over 238,000 Nissan Altima sedans from 2013, including 10,049 in Canada, are being recalled around the world because the secondary latch under the hood may not function properly and may allow the hood to open while the car is in motion, should the main latch be unlocked.

Debris and corrosion are the most likely causes of this malfunction.

Nissan says a number of incidents involving 2013 Altima models have been reported so far. A company spokesman, Steve Yaeger, assured that drivers are safe as long as the main latch is locked.
For the moment, Nissan dealers will clean and lubricate the latch mechanism and modify or replace the secondary latch as necessary.

An investigation has been launched to determine whether other Nissan vehicles need to be recalled to fix a similar problem.

Source: La Presse