Ferrari for men, MINI for women

According to a study made by over a sample of eighth million vehicles in 2011, the trends men and women tend to follow in their choices of vehicles are evolving.

There are less and less differences.

46.2% of MINI buyers are women, which makes the British icon a favourite. Then comes Nissan (45.7%) and Kia (45.6%). As far as men are concerned, Ferrari easily tops the charts at 92.5%, followed by Bentley (83.4%) and Maserati (82.8%).

Also interesting is the fact that the 20 most popular brands with women are imported ones, where as men seems to prefer authentic American cars. Furthermore, a vast majority of female consumers turn themselves to small, affordable cars and men, towards big, attention grabbing cars such as the Dodge Ram.

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2011 Ferrari 458 Italia et 2012 MINI Cooper S Coupé

2011 Ferrari 458 Italia et MINI Cooper S Coupé 2012 (Photo: Sébastien D'Amour/Auto123.TV)