Exustar Boots

Keep your feet protected while you ride

Have you ever accidentally bumped your ankle(s) against the side of a desk or maybe even a doorway? Or banged your shins on hard surfaces? If you're occasionally clumsy (like me) then you have, and it really hurts.

Now take that hurt and times it by, let's say, a dangerously large amount and I can only imagine what it would be like if a motorcycle fell on your ankles or shins. So, when I see people riding in flip-flops or runners, I have this instant shiver run up my spine. All I can think about is that I hope they don't get hurt or fall over.

To help mitigate any pain in the unfortunate case where one dumps/drops their bike, structurally reinforced riding boots are there to help.

I couldn't be happier with my black pair of CE Certified Exustar E-SBR201 riding boots. Depending on the retailer, they're priced around the $300 mark.

Exustar Boots

Photo: Alexandra Straub

Throughout the selection process, I wanted something that was rigid, but had enough flexibility to make sure I didn't walk funny.

I tried on various brands of boots, but found that I got the most bang for my buck with the Exustars, and they were the best fit. Plus they look cool.

There are reinforcements all over the boot, and they're comfortable to ride in on the road or track.

The various parts of the footwear that help keep my ankles, feet, toes, shins, and calves protected are made of either flexible or high-impact thermoplastics. Underneath, there's a firm-gripping rubber sole on the Exustar boots to keep your feet from slipping off the pedals.

Inside the Exustar boots, the lining is made of a breathable material and there's a removable insole that can be washed. And even after a few washes, mine are still in good form.

What I like about these boots is that they accommodate more muscular calves, mine in particular. It wasn't easy to find a boot the zipped up easily. That has always been a challenge for me, but I knew that going into it.

I also picked these because they can't be bent from side to side because of the structural support member. Other boots have the protective parts, but without the plastic member reinforcing the calve and ankle portion.

The Exustar boots are available in three colour choices including red/black, white/black and black. I bought the black since it easily matches to riding gear. They also come in sizes 37-48, and are unisex.

The Exustar boots do have a quirk, however. They squeak when I walk! I tried oiling them between the joints, but alas they still make noise. To be honest, it doesn't really bother me. Would I like there to be no sound? Of course, but it's not a deal breaker. In fact, it's a great conversation starter since people take note of my footwear pretty quickly. I feel like RoboCop walking around. It's pretty funny.

Nevertheless, with thousands of kilometres clocked on my Exustar boots, they're still in great shape. The synthetic microfibre leather bits have been nicely worked in and all parts are in functional form.