EatSleepRide App

A motorcycle app for the motorcycle community? Yes, please.

EatSleepRide for your smartphone is geared towards anyone who loves life on two wheels and wants to share it with others -- and it's Canadian-based. Woo-hoo.

The $2.99 download (plus applicable taxes) gives you access to many great features, including building your own profile and finding out where other riders are in your area.

Simply download the app to your phone and start playing.

A recent test ride event in Hollywood, CA left me with a few bikes to test. Since I'm not familiar with the territory, I clicked on "Motorcycle Routes Nearby."

Individuals who have ridden in the area posted their experiences, photos, and maps. While the app doesn't give turn-by-turn directions for the routes people have done, it does give an idea what some roads are in the area.

Another fun feature is "Nearby Riders." By adding your location, it will search for users within the surrounding area. You can see their profile and even message them if you want to meet up or ask them for suggestions. Should you plan ahead, you can always input in the search bar "Tokyo or Toronto" and riders who are using the EatSleepRide app will pop up. That way, when you arrive, you might have a buddy to share the scenery with.

Let's say you're riding in a group but you don't all have communication devices. No problem! Under the "Go Ride" section (located at the bottom of the EatSleepRide app) you can add riders in your group and track them. They have to be within a couple hundred kilometres for them to show up -- and you have to be following each other -- but it's a great way to stay connected even if you get separated on the open road.

When it comes to "Create Your Story" you can take photos, videos, and write blog posts in real time then share them. However, say you're abroad and don't want to spend a fortune on data: Go under the "Settings" menu under "Queued Uploads." By switching it "off," your posts will automatically upload when you're connected to Wifi.

The "Dashboard" allows you to log/track the distance you've been atop your two-wheeler. Mine says 0.00. I should be ashamed, but I haven't been logging my miles like I should be -- but I'm working on it!

Perhaps the coolest and also the safest add-on feature to the EatSleepRide app is CRASHLIGHT, a feature that will alert contacts you select in the unfortunate event of a crash. Here's a more in-depth description of how it works. From what I understand, you do need to have your data network enabled for the feature to work. In the event of a crash, notifications via text, phone, and email will be sent to the contacts you selected.

Whether you're looking at sharing your story, meeting up with riders in a new community or wanting to read about motorcycle industry updates, EatSleepRide has it all for you -- and it's just a touch away.

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Photo: EatSleepRIDE