Dangerous habits observed among U.S. drivers

A new study of American drivers reveals that nearly 70% have driven while drowsy, while millions have engaged in other risky behaviour that put the lives of road users in danger.

According to CarInsurance.com, U.S. drivers routinely use vehicles that should either be parked or repaired. More than 60% have overlooked a "Check Engine" light, while 30% have headed out on a winter morning when they couldn't see through snowy or icy windshields.

What's more, 10% of drivers have driven cars whose doors had to be held closed because of faulty locks.

Drowsy driving is causing one in eight highway deaths, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Experts caution that the problem could be under-reported because motorists may not realize when they've experienced a second or two of so-called "micro-sleep."

Fatigue is not the only cause of "impaired" driving, mind you. The CarInsurance.com study indicates that 53% of drivers hit the road despite having a headache, while 35% did so when they were sick enough to be in bed. A full 23% admitted driving because they were less drunk than a friend, while 16% got behind the wheel without the contact lenses or glasses they normally should wear.

While the study was conducted in the U.S., it's safe to assume Canadian drivers are no different.

Source: thedetroitbureau.com