CAA-Quebec tips for a safe Halloween night

Today is Halloween, and legions of children will hit the streets to pick up precious candies. As CAA-Quebec points out, however, there are some rules to follow to keep everybody safe and happy.

1. Teach your kids about road safety

Children are never too young to learn to stay on sidewalks, cross the street at intersections or specially marked crossings, and obey road signs. They should wear reflective gear on their costumes and avoid full-face masks that impede their vision.

2. Drivers, slow down!

If the speed limit in your neighbourhood is 30 km/h, than don't drive any faster. In fact, on Halloween night, you should drive well below speed limits because you never know when an overexcited little goblin or princess will pop out from between cars.

3. Look ahead

Anticipating the moves of drivers in front of you is a good way to expect the unexpected and react in time.

4. Always scan the area

Drivers on Halloween night should have eyes all around the head (no, we're not talking about a crazy mask!) and remember that no advanced safety system can replace human caution and vigilance.

5. See and be seen

Keep your headlights and taillights on at all times to see the road and make yourself seen more clearly.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Be safe!

Source: CAA-Quebec